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What You Should Know Regarding Log Home Builder Kits

The first decision that you must make when you are thinking about using the log home kits for building a log home is the construction method. You can have the butt-and-pass method or the saddle notch method. Each style refers to the way wherein the home is joined at the corners.

You must know that such saddle notch method would require the builders to cut a notch in the log that fits a perpendicular log that will be placed on top of this. The logs are then continuously stacked in such fashion to build a wall and the weight of the logs would make them lock lightly and create those secure corners. There are builders that drive a stake or bolt through the logs to add security.

With the butt-and-pass method, the perpendicular log is then butted against the existing log as the stacking of log starts. On the second level of stacking, the log would pass over the first perpendicular log. On the third level, the log is going to butt up against such perpendicular log. This stacking would continue until the wall is finished.
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You must know that the butt-and-pass method is utilized with the log home kits but such would create spacing between the logs that have to be filled with insulation as well as chinking and this is one method that equates to caulking the log home. The logs are actually secured with stakes and bolts which are driven down from one log to the other.
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Know that the saddle notch method is naturally more expensive for the homebuyers and the builders. One of the reasons is due to the amount of precision to have the logs aligned properly. This is going to take such careful measuring so that the logs are going to be cut at the right inch specifications to allow the perpendicular log to fit into the groove and have that tight corner.

Even if some of the companies are claiming to use the butt-and-pass method for the log home kits, there are critics that have contended this type of method is not possible using the kit. The kits are often manufactured somewhere else and they are shipped for assembly on the property. Some builders actually claimed that the butt-and-pass method is strong and such can’t be shipped in parts and be assembled.

One challenge that lot of homeowners who buy the log home builder kits face is that after its assembly, settling would start. This is one natural process which forces some parts of the house to fall out of the alignment about a year or so after the logs have totally dried up.