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Advantages of Pacifiers on Teeth Development.

A pacifier is some artificial nipple made of rubber, plastic or silicone that is normally given to a baby to suck upon. The other parts of a pacifier is the handle and the mouth shield. Babies are prevented from choking by the sizes of the mouth shield and the handle. The use of these pacifiers dates back then even before industrialization. The modern pacifiers are an improvement of what used by the old pacifier. These pacifiers are preferred by the modern mothers. The positive effects of the baby pacifiers is the main agenda in this article.

There are countless controversies about the use of baby pacifiers. The development of teeth in infants is the center stage of all these controversies. The effects of the pacifiers are however mostly beneficial to the infants. One way by which these pacifiers are effective is through the design of a particular pacifier. Gums, teeth and palate development are supported by some pacifiers. This effect of these pacifiers raises, even more, controversies on the effect of pacifiers on the development of teeth.

When pacifiers are used correctly, they will only impact positively on the development of the baby’s teeth. Baby pacifiers are at their best when the baby is less than two years. The use of pacifier should, therefore, stop after the age of two years. After these years, the effect of the pacifiers can negative effects on the baby. There are different types of pacifiers with various effects on the teeth of the baby development. When getting a baby pacifier, extra care should be taken. The pacifier that is recommended is the one that supports the development of the baby’s teeth.
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Sudden infant death syndrome is significantly avoided by the use of baby pacifiers. The positive impacts pacifiers on teeth development and prevention of sudden infant death syndrome are achievable. This is due to the fact that, babies who use pacifiers will not sleep as much as those who do not. For the purposes of sudden infant death syndrome and teeth development, the use of pacifiers should, therefore, be recommended.
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In addition, proper handling of the pacifier is necessary. The pacifiers should be used effectively to achieve maximum results. Essential tips and recommendations are there to ensure the appropriate use of pacifiers. Using a pacifier only when the baby is sleeping is one of them. Secondly, a mouth shield of a pacifier should have holes on the mouth shield to prevent the baby from choking in case of an accident. Proper cleaning of the pacifier before giving it to the baby is also another recommendation. This is vital to avoid various infections as a result of the baby sucking on an unhygienic pacifier.